Whitefield Primary School Attendance



Attend every day and achieve in every way

There is a shared understanding and commitment to high attendance across the school community. We regard unexplained absence from school as a safeguarding issue which must be followed up immediately.

Our approach is to explain why attendance is important and to give this some context by looking at national and local averages compared to individual attendance.

We also talk to families about illness and how to respond to common ailments as well as following up more concerning issues. We talk to children right from Nursery about why school is important and the life choices an education can give you. This is reinforced every day in class and in assemblies. There is a constant conversation about where an education can take you in life.

We don’t have an answering machine for absences- we speak to parents when they call. We always reward attendance fairly, we give class rewards rather than individual rewards so no-one is singled out.

We always follow up absences and we never forget.

We have an exciting curriculum and a school that is welcoming, lively and safe.
Nothing should be too much trouble