Welcome to the Safer Schools App provided via Zurich Municipal.

Safeguarding children and young people is one of the most important issues facing parents, carers and those responsible for educating and empowering children and young people.

Safeguarding across the school community has become even more complex in the context of children’s access to technology and use of social media.

That is why we have developed the Safer Schools App.

The Safer Schools App is designed for staff, parents/carers and pupils. It helps support and protect children by educating and empowering them at school and at home. Staff, parents/carers and pupils receive tailored content specific to their role. Pupils also receive different content depending on their year group.

Users will also receive school-generated push notifications and updates from the h2b Safer team on keeping children and young people safe.

Key Learning Topics Include:

  • Bullying
  • Social Media
  • Gaming
  • Sexting
  • Safeguarding
  • Appropriate Use
  • Emerging Trends

Login to your App

1. Select your school from the dropdown menu and click ‘continue’.

2. Enter the four digit entry code 7440 for parent access or 9342 for pupil access