Our dynamic and diverse school!

At Whitefield we are committed to equal opportunities and comply with the Equality Act 2010 and the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) Regulations 2011. We work closely with parents and other agencies in order to ensure that all pupils are able to successfully access the curriculum. Our school population includes a wide range of different community groups and we are dedicated to ensuring that our school is a place where everyone feels welcome and where all pupils can learn. Our consistently high expectations and inclusive teaching practices ensure that Whitefield is really a school where children can achieve their best. We are an IQM Inclusion Centre of Excellence.

Our pupils also have a range of different abilities and interests, beliefs and aspirations. Many of our pupils also speak other languages and are learning to speak English. At Whitefield, we want all of our pupils to succeed and thoroughly enjoy their education. The staff at Whitefield Primary are experienced in teaching pupils with a wide range of abilities and are trained to use a variety of different techniques and intervention programmes to ensure all children can access the curriculum fully.

We have worked with Stonewall and Andrew Moffatt of the No Outsiders curriculum to ensure all staff understand how to tackle homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and how to support all our young people. We are now a Stonewall School Champion school.

Our Vision is of inclusive education, promoting community cohesion to prepare young people and adults for life as global citizens. There must be No Outsiders in our school community.

We welcome the involvement of parents and carers in decision making and we want to work closely with them so that our pupils can always give nothing but the best!

Our Equalities Objectives

  • To provide a curriculum which promotes the whole school ethos of inclusion and equality for the whole school community;
  • To ensure that all children have equal access to the curriculum and are able to achieve the best possible outcomes;
  • To provide a quality learning experience for each child in which all adults actively promote equality, inclusion and a celebration of diversity.
  • To protect the well-being of all pupils by challenging any non-inclusive views held by anyone within the school and wider community.

Equality-Policy document