Governor’s Start Dates

Terms of Office

David Hoare  (Community Governor)

Denis Torpey (Community Governor)

Yinka Koomson (LA Governor)

David Shaw (Community Governor)

Jill Wright  Headteacher

Gemma Bailey (Community Governor)

Barry Dunn (Parent Governor)

Kate Morris (Parent Governor)

Marie Beale (Staff Governor) .                            15th Oct 2019 – 14th Oct 2023

Natalie Menagh (co-opted)                                  15th Oct 2019 – 14th Oct 2023


Whitefield.2015 Instrument of Government



Denis Torpey – LAC  and also Standards
David Shaw :- EYS and SEND
Yinka Koomson:- Training
David Hoare – Safeguarding & Pupil Premium
Gemma Bailey – Curriculum
Natalie Menagh – Mental  Health, and   Attachment and Trauma
Committee Membership.
Teaching and Learning:- Jill Wright, Denis Torpey (committee chair), David Shaw, Barry Dunne, Gemma Bailey
Resources:- David Hoare (committee chair), David Shaw, Yinka Koomson, Jill Wright and Marie Beale.


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