Our Team

Headteacher: Mrs J Wright

Deputy Headteacher/ Inclusion Manager: Mrs M Beale (SENCO)

Inclusion Officer: Miss M Young


Early Years Team

Ms E Doran (EYFS Lead)

Miss M Fisher

Mrs L Parsons

Miss L Rathbone

Ms N Hughes

Mrs B Armstrong


KS1 and KS2 Teaching Staff

Mrs L Curbishley

Mrs I Cooke

Mrs L Engle

Mrs T Gaskell

Mrs Z Hathaway

Mr M Newton

Mrs S Richards

Mrs S Smith

Mrs H Thompson

Mrs J White

Miss S Rigby

Mr D Shaw


Teaching Assistants

Mrs M Austin

Ms N Hughes

Mrs D Henshaw

Miss T Hyland

Miss J Gaskell

Mrs J Roskell

Mrs T Orton

Miss K Oliver

Miss L Rathbone

Ms N Williams

Ms H Sharpe

Mrs R Khader


Reading Recovery Teachers

Miss L Cunliffe (Mental Health lead teacher)

Mrs C Cotton



Mrs V Sephton

Mrs N Mann


Site Manager (SPIE)



Catering Staff ( Chartwells)


Ms M Ellison

Ms A Quinn

Ms K Roach

Ms D Armstrong


Supervisory Assistants

Ms S Mann (Sports Coach)

Ms N Crickson

Mrs A Abbott

Miss A McCann

Mrs K Hart

Miss L Quarton

Mrs K Nishanthan

Ms Y Chen



Mrs R Russell

Ms M Konyova

Miss L Rathbone


Crossing Patrol x 1

School Dogs Tess and Bonnie



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