Autistic Spectrum Conditions affects more than 1 in 100 people across the UK. Individuals with ASC benefit from support to develop their social skills. In school we are trained to deliver a range of programmes to help children to develop friendships and improve their understanding of the social world.
We understand how the environment can have an impact on children with ASC and work hard to find ways to help pupils to enjoy their learning and achieve their goals. We also welcome further expertise from outside agencies such as Abbotslea school in Liverpool to ensure we meet the needs of pupils with social communication difficulties.

We understand that individuals with Autistic Spectrum Conditions often have sensory processing difficulties which impact on them daily. ADDvanced solutions can offer support to parents/carers and run a range of training sessions to increases awareness. Information regarding training courses, support mechanisms and drop-in sessions is available on their website.

We use a Social Thinking approach across school in Whitefield Primary to support pupils with social learning challenges and to enable all children to develop an understanding of how to work effectively as part of a group. Read more about it at the Social Thinking Website.

We also use LEGO therapy as an interventon throughout school to support collaborative working skills and social communication. You can read more about LEGO therapy at the Bricks for Autism website.

Other useful websites that offer support for individuals with ASD…

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