Our eCadets

We know that children will often seek out the support and advice from friends when they have a question or problem. The eCadets scheme trains a group of pupils so that their classmates can go to them with questions about the internet, online games and social media.

The team of eCadets are also responsible for promoting online safety behaviours and best practice across the school and community, based on regular challenges. With each challenge they collect points; they’re in competition with all the other eCadets schools in England and Wales

The eCadets can direct any pupil questions to a team of E-safety specialists from ETreble9 using a secure instant messenger and they provide the answer, which helps to take the pressure off them and ensure the right knowledge is being communicated. The E-safety team will involve school and stress they should still tell an adult if they’ve seen something that scares or upsets them online. The  team includes a former senior police officer, teachers, researchers and I’ve worked with schools for years, helping them resolve online matters.



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