The Whitefield Curriculum is built up from strands of learning within the areas of

  • Growth and Personal development,
  • Core Curriculum knowledge and skills and
  • Global Curriculum and social responsibility.

Pulling these strands together makes the learning stronger.

Our Core Foundation Curriculum is build on the foundations of the Unity Schools Curriculum (CUSP)  This is an aspirational curriculum based on the principles of cognitive science, it is rich and aspirational.

Our Curriculum is built to look beyond the subjects covered by the National Curriculum to grow our children to develop personally so that they can develop skills to become compassionate citizens in their local and global communities and learners for the future. This we call our Growth curriculum. This includes:

  • Rights respecting school
  • Jigsaw PHSE
  • Safeguarding
  • No Outsiders
  • Character
  • Social Thinking
  • Pupil Leadership
  • Social Action and Charities
  • Careers and  aspirations
  • Assemblies
  • Events

We have created a separate page with details of the Growth Curriculum.

Our Whitefield Growth Curriculum picks up the different strands of learning to shape our children’s moral purpose, help them understand their own identity and value the diverse experiences and contributions of others who may be very different from themselves, and help them to thrive through informed curiosity about the world. This ties closely into our curriculum intent and our specific context.


Our curriculum design is built on the principle that children’s voice is central and we support them to develop their ability to question; to discuss and challenge diverse positions respectfully and compassionately; and to consider views about our world and how we should live in it so that diversities are enabled and celebrated.














Additional curriculum information can be accessed by asking class teachers, or contacting our curriculum co-ordinator Mrs Curbishley via the school office