Age 7-11

  • Encourage independent reading BUT don’t be afraid to read a bedtime story to your child.
  • It’s always good to share!
  • Encourage your child to read newspapers, T.V. guides, comics, magazines and web pages.
  • Search the internet for recipes, instructions, etc
  • After reading, talk about the book. Which part did you enjoy the most? Would you have acted in that way? Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why? Why not?
  • Read yourself – to set a good example by sharing what you read. Let your child know you value books and reading. Keep books, magazines, newspapers, etc. at home

Try these books:

A Horrid Henry Factbook: Horrid Henry Sports by Francesca Simon

Charlotte’s Web by EB White

Brilliant by Roddy Doyle


Where my Wellies Take Me by Michael Morpurgo

A Soldier’s Friend by Megan Rix

Atticus Claw Goes Ashore by Jennifer Gray

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