Rebuilding our Future  

Care, Connection, Confidence

Our curriculum intent written before the pandemic is full of ambition for our children, a desire to widen their perspective and give them opportunity. Covid 19 has not altered that passion and focus.

Our focus coming back was on looking at what each child needs to flourish, grow and to rebuild from their individual experiences of lockdown so that they continue to meet their potential. That will mean focusing on the children’s Social, Emotional and Mental Health as well as their basic skills and an aspirational curriculum. We understand that rebuilding will start with a focus on relationship and reconnection, with staff and with peers. We want to “build back better”!

“Relationships are at the heart of creating environments which support good mental health and wellbeing for our children and young people” (Barnados, 2020).

Many professionals and organisations have written about this over the weeks of lockdown and have helped us to build and formulate our thinking. We particularly thank Jennifer Nock for whole school training and Mary Meredith, Chris Moore (@epinsight) and Barry Carpenter for articles which informed our thinking